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Ken Gaub

Posted by in , , , on 4-6-12

Ken Gaub Ministries is about helping you find the life of peace and joy that God wants you to have.

In over fifty years of ministry this organization has brought a message of hope to millions of people both in and outside of the church.

Ken has now traveled over 8 million miles to over 115 foreign countries and has taken over 130 trips to Israel.  He speaks before diverse crowds in places such as colleges, high schools, universities, conventions, prisons, music festivals, state and county fairs, some of the world’s largest churches and even the Pentagon.

Ken has helped many to rise above their unpleasant situations and learn to completely turn their lives around.   In person, on radio and television, Ken motivates people to be more than average in a very unusual, humorous style.

He speaks in the largest churches world wide.


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